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Damon Krepski


Chief of Creating Great Experiences


Hey there! I’m honoured you’re taking the time to learn a little more about me.

Where to start? I’m obsessed with customer experience (like really really obsessed), husband to a loving wife, an aspiring entrepreneur, Dad of 2 (pushing for 3🤪) and some say slightly funny.

I’m a “typical” Vancouverite as I’m originally from somewhere else (Ottawa), Scorpio, Tiger (1974) and since fleeing in 1998, have come to love exploring and introducing our city to others.

Outside of helping clients achieve their housing goals, I’m either nerding out over improving your real estate journey, enjoying family time or catching my breath on my Peloton (don’t judge me) or some other health kick with the hope of living to 100!🤞🏼

My current follows:
@jessiecole; @parkhowell, @drpeterattia, @joepulizzi, @drrobynsilverman

Still reading? Yay!! 🎉 To summarize, I guess the most important thing to know about me is that I thrive on being more about you. I fully get that you are the fuel that drives all of the above.

Your success means I can provide for my family and friends. When you share your positive experiences, it furthers the goal of expanding the team and creating wealth for others and lastly you represent the opportunity to learn and grow - so Thank You in advance 🙏🏼  and needless to say, I look forward to helping you soon!

I’m sure you’ve all seen Realtor ads or bios that basically say “Look at me! I’ve got lots of awards. I’m the best at selling homes.”, etc etc…well rest assured this will be different 🎉.


Let’s start with the basics…


Since my first breath of beautiful BC air, I’ve called the Lower Mainland home and getting to know and introduce it to others has become a passion. Mountains, ocean and metropolis all within a short car ride - you gotta love it!


After teaching myself to turn over, crawl and walk I’ve kept up my passion for learning. As the old saying goes “knowledge is power” and thanks to Peter Parker we all know that “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Enter passion #2: Applying what I’ve learned and empowering others to do the same.


I truly believe most people in this world want to help others in one way or another and for me, real estate has provided me an avenue to do just that.


When I’m not helping others with real estate, you can find me golfing, sampling a good craft beer or working off said beer in the gym. Beyond that I’m usually listening to books or podcasts to feed my brain with more knowledge, or creating educational and entertaining (at least my mom thinks so) videos.


Well that’s the intro. 😀 Thanks for reading and hopefully we get to meet soon!


PS - If I have the opportunity of working with you, know I’ll utilize all I’ve learned to help you. I’ll do my very best to create experiences so amazing that you’ll want to share them with others because in the end, I understand that your success will allow me to pursue passion #3: Creating success for others.

Alex Dunbar


Chief of Edutainment

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